CPA Tax Musings: BBB says IRS scam is one of the biggest of the year

The Better Business Bureau of West Virginia is commenting that the IRS telephone scam is the biggest scam of the year.  This has to do with someone calling taxpayers, claiming they owe money to the IRS, then trying to get them to settle using a money order ETF transfer service.  If you hang up, they call back and threaten to send the police or sheriff to your house.  See this article by Nadine Maeser for some more info:

I had about three tax clients and an enrolled agent I know receive these phone calls (one actually gave a return phone number to call, which was always busy; another when asked actually sent them a written request, but it looked extremely funny.)  Just remember that in all cases the IRS doesn’t ask for money over the phone.  The only time they will call you is to schedule an audit of your return after sending you a written request or return a phone call.  So keep your guard up and above all, don’t send money!  There is a tax scam area on the IRS website that details what to do: 

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